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Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service

Investidea emphasizes the application of technology to company operations, customer support, and product management. One of Investidea's services is PaaS. Our PaaS service provides and leases available platform applications that can connect operating systems and applications necessary for system development, database management systems, etc., customers can focus on software development without spending time and effort building the platform.

PaaS is the ideal service for a business with multiple developers working on the same project, or for a business that wants to reduce R&D expenditures and get goods to market faster. The infrastructure is hosted directly in the cloud, and users can always access it immediately. Thanks to the existing platform environment, you may save time when creating apps. Using modern software, develop flexibly to meet the demands of users.

Currently, we focus on providing two available platform applications, CRM and system management.


With more and more businesses opting for a hybrid working model, customers need a CRM service that keeps your remote sales team productive and gives them the tools they need to collaborate. with colleagues and engage customers easily. Our CRM can easily be combined with a variety of different business systems, allowing customers to cover all elements of the business cycle and increase sales and marketing profits while lowering expenses.

Advantages of using our CRM system: Automation will increase.

All information in one place

Clear operational strategies

Cut costs


Customers may be easily filtered, classified, and grouped based on their specific requirements.

Comprehensive customer interaction

Systems management

Investidea not only provides a simple service, but we also a solution for ensuring the governance activities that leaders need while also providing a quick, unique, and easy manner for businesses to operate and grow. Systems management applications enable businesses to apply technology to manage networks efficiently.