[3HAG] Our AI-led growth journey 2024-2026

[3HAG] Our AI-led growth journey 2024-2026

This is an internal document presented to our colleagues at Investidea as we planned for 2024-2026.

Mobile consultant & development market

In June 2007, the iPhone was released to critical and commercial success. Native apps were developed, and just over a year later… the App Store was launched. The original App Store launched with 500 apps, meaning there is no “true” first app.
Nevertheless, as new varieties of smartphones were unveiled, different app clients were introduced. Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and Blackberry’s App World also give more people the ability to enjoy various apps on their phones.
Average of 40.000 mobile applications/games submitted per month in Apple Store (Source: Statista)

Starting with 500 applications in 2008 and easy to come to almost 100.000 applications submitted per month (for all stores), this brought a giant market for IT Consultant and Outsourcing services to "bring mobile apps to stores".

AI consultant & development market

On 10 Jan 2024, Open AI officially launched GPTs Store and just after few days, there are already 1000+ of GPTs been uploaded and public for all GPT4.0 users.
GPT Store was launched on 10 Jan 2024

Let's imagine the market of GPTs store with Open AI and more players joining from 2024-2026, these 03 years will be the key for AI consultant & development business, where we, Investidea already have a good foundation and are ready to "bring AI products to life".

Why's AI, and how it combine with our IT Services

Investidea's Mjolnir hammer

AI will be our Mjolnir hammer which brings endless power to Investidea IT Services. Similar to Mobile application markets, 80% of the products move to Mobile as a Must-have for businesses, the same thing will happen for AI.

In just a few months, AI will not be the Unique Selling Point of IT products and Tech businesses anymore, it will become the Must-have feature for each individual business. With our strength in AI and our current expertise in IT services, we see good combinations of applying AI development in Fintech, E-commerce, EdTech, MedTech, ... and all other business domains.

AI is also been used as a tool to improve our working performance and automate some processes in Software Development & Consultant, our main mission. This will strengthen our capacity to help more products, support more clients, increase higher quality,... By doing this, we are seeing a good combination of AI and IT services, these 02 foundations give us a good reason to build our AI-led growth journey for 2024-2026.

Our destination in 2026

Having a great foundation in 2024 in Clutch:

  • No #1 Top AI Consulting firms in Vietnam (on 5 firms)
  • No #2 Top AI Companies in Vietnam (on 70 firms)
  • No #21 Top AI Consulting in Asia Region (on 144 firms)
  • No #50 Top AI Companies in Asia Region (on 1.691 firms)
Snapshot of our starting line on 17 Jan 2024

After good investment in R&D, we already standard the AI-led transformation service and operate successfully this service during 2023 with remarkable results. We are very confident to highlight our destination in 2026 as:

Our 3HAG (3-year-highly-achievable-goal):

We will be Top 05 AI Companies in the Asia Region, become the leading in Consulting and Developing AI products.

This does not limit us in our mission of "bring ideas to life" for several domains such as fintech, E-commerce, Edtech, Logistics, Medtech, and others. We also become a well-known destination for high-quality IT staff augmentation services in the Asia Region. And plus, we invest in applying AI to software development and consultant processes.

Achievements on the run

Our target achievements

To have full energies to reach our destination, we target to invest more in AI and Software Product Consultant & Development which includes:

1 - Build a great Working Culture with proven Global Best Places To Work
2 - Having 200+ talent resources
3 - Been recognized for Social Contributions by a Freemium AI product
4 - Having a Strong Brand with 10,000+ followers in all social representations.

Let's start our journey

The clock has just started for our 03 years, 36 months of teamwork, challenge fighting, and problem resolving,... We are confident to step forward, and with our 03 core values and a growth mindset, we will overcome all challenges and be ready to celebrate our victory in 2026.