Bring Solutions to Business

Bring Solutions to Business

If you are a business owner and you are looking for an IT consultant firm that brings you tech solutions, this article is for you. At Investidea, we come to our client with a full solution for short, medium, and long terms rather than just giving estimation on effort and cost, we have a dedicated talent team just for this, the all-in-one experts in full-cycle of Product Strategy, Initiative, and Delivery, called Solution Squad, refer what we did in 360-degree tech ideas and solution scanning.

Who do we talk to every day?

There is a very diverse of clients that we are so lucky to interact everyday, and this is the most interesting part of the job for the Solution Squad's members. We have a chance to discuss with an individual founder who brings his idea of the product and shares with us the potential roadmap and market. We also have a great talk with the CTO of a big corporation/bank who share with us about a 12-month product roadmap for his entity. We even jump into detail on a very challenging tech problem and try to come up with a quick solution and take over the product, ... So many different conversations and situations which seem to bring us surprises every day.

Challenges we face?

From the diversification of the clients and problems, there are mostly new problems every day we need to deal with and each of them becomes our valuable lessons and experiences, here are some common challenges we face during our journey of "Bring Solutions to Business"

1- Clarify Want and Need

80% of the clients come to us are confused between Want and Need, meaning that if we go with what client wants, there will be high risk of product failure to client's business and we both cannot have a happy-ending. So the 1st mistake of the proposal is not clear of the Need.

Our first talk with the client is about "What does the client want?". But in our following conversations, we always try to build "What is the client needs?". This is not an easy process because normally we have a very short time to be in the context of our client's business. Thus, the client most of the time comes with a list of features, tech, and platforms to their want and the list is normally long and very hard to prioritize, most of the features, tech, and platform are "important".

The main job that our Solution Squad does is helping our client to start with their objective first, the purpose of building the platform, the important milestones, the expected benefit from the platform, resources,... With this important information, we can easily prioritize the "list of wants", sometimes remove lots of not relevant wants, and come up with the "list of needs". This sometimes brings smaller projects and revenue to us, as an IT Outsourcing & Consulting service, but we prefer to do less and best support to our client's business, rather than build a complicated platform or a big team but not really bring efficiency.

2- Various constraints considering

70% of our constraints is on timeline with tight and hard milestones, 65% come from cost and 50% come from communication. Without sharing about these constraints, we both cannot come up with the best solution. So, the 2nd mistake of the proposal is not highlight all constraints from both side.

Each client comes to us with different constraints, it is a norm because there are always some constraints that the proposal needs to satisfy. Therefore, the Solution Squad needs to ask clients to highlight all the constraints at the 1st meeting so that we can build a solution that meets all of those constraints. In addition to our client's constraints, we always add Investidea standards as default expectations into the list of constraints such as quality, performance, working process, and security,... to help the clients see the all hidden constraints of software development.

In our proposal, we always come up with at least 02-03 options that of course have different pros and cons so we can discuss with our clients and make decisions together. During the process of making decisions, we are really in the client's point of view to select the best option to maximize the value of the product to our client's business.

3- Transparency in all matters

50% of project fails due to miscommunication (refer BrixonGroup). To make sure our project success, transparency is key, starting from the proposal. So the 3rd mistake of the proposal is miscommunication by only detail on the "include" part of the agreement.

Communication is always a challenge, even though we note it very clearly in our proposal with detailed explanations, contract but we cannot guarantee that we and our client share the same understanding of every written document.

To deal with this, our Solution Squad not only brings the "include" part of the agreement but always comes in a pair of "include & exclude" parts. So besides all the clear agreement on what our services include, we always keep our clients aware of what our services do not include. Having this pair of information is always the best practice for our all proposals because we believe that transparency is the key to any partnership, especially for the partner who is looking for a serious and long-term partnership like us.

Of course, this does not mean that we don't support our client if there is any issue during the project execution phase belonging to the "exclude" parts. Following the 1st Investidea's core value "Customer Collaboration", we always consider the best we can do to support our client even if the issues are not related to our services.

Happiness we gain

85% our project come from up-sale and referral, average value in our first 05 years of Investidea.

In our journey of "bring ideas to life", the proposal from our Solution Squad is the first and the most important part of this journey, this helps to increase a lot of chances of project success and long-term partnership. This explains why we gain a lot of happiness such as:

  • Clients stay with us for a very long time: we have some clients with 6+ years of partnership
  • Clients renew, and extend the contracts: we have some clients who signed contracts from Phase 1 (1st contract) to Phase 4, Phase 5.
  • Clients refer their networks for new projects: we have a lot of projects that come from referrals.  

The above results strongly prove our approach of "Bring Solutions to Business" where we continue to improve and adjust every day. So as a business owner, a CTO, and a Head of Engineering who is looking for IT solutions for our business. don't hesitate to contact our Solution Squad, let's discuss and identify together your true needs, and your constraints and be transparent, we believe that our solutions will bring success to your business.


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