SMU's ASEAN Internship Program (AIP) at Investidea Tech: Stepping out for a step-up

SMU's ASEAN Internship Program (AIP) at Investidea Tech: Stepping out for a step-up

Recognizing that the ASEAN region is a hotbed for professional development and regional exposure, SMU students have been seizing the opportunities offered through overseas internships by participating in SMU's ASEAN Internship Programme (AIP). Investidea Tech had the opportunity to collaborate and welcome 4 undergraduates from SMU.

“Data is the new oil.” This was the adage that stuck with Year Two SMU School of Computing and Information Systems student Ng Jun Yang as he set out on his AIP to Investidea Tech in Hanoi.

Recognizing that the ability to interpret and harness data would be the X factor needed to stand out in the crowded job market, Jun Yang had long been seeking an opportunity to garner professional experience as a data analyst.

Aspirations aside, he recognized that Singapore’s size and safety could sometimes present a sheltered environment. Coupled with his keenness to discover how different nations capitalize on their capabilities to foster growth, Jun Yang was eager to step out of his comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar.

The ASEAN region presented itself as the perfect canvas to expand his knowledge and develop personally. With that, he began his journey as a Data Analyst Intern at Investidea Bright Technology Company, an IT solutions firm based in Vietnam.

One of Jun Yang’s (left photo: center) professional highlights: taking on real-world data application

Over the course of his internship, Jun Yang was involved in Investidea’s Project Zeal – an initiative that aimed to bolster company growth. By quantifying departmental performances, the tool would ultimately guide the company’s strategic direction.

As part of Project Zeal, he collaborated with data engineers to ensure efficient data flow and integrity and was responsible for transforming raw data into structured, actionable information. By the internship’s end, he and the team delivered a user-friendly tool that enhanced the company’s internal assessment capabilities.

"My internship experience was a treasure trove of industry insights and experiences. My colleagues' mentorship was instrumental in helping me write cleaner and more efficient code, and this was crucial for my professional development."

“Beyond my professional experiences, living in Vietnam for a month has provided invaluable insights beyond what I can gather from articles or online videos. I fondly recall the day a friend and I chose to walk back to our accommodations, rather than taking a Grab ride back. The ensuing two-to-three-hour stroll through the streets of Hanoi offered a nuanced understanding of the city’s infrastructure, traffic management, and the dynamics of retail business in the locale,” Jun Yang reflects.

Harkening back to his desire to embrace the unfamiliar, he acknowledges that relocating to a country with a different culture and language presented novel challenges. However, by actively engaging with the locals, establishing new connections, and seeking diverse experiences, Jun Yang not only experienced personal growth but also made plenty of fond memories.

“One of my most memorable experiences was going on a three-day hike with a colleague and his friends. Despite not knowing me personally, one of them quickly agreed to offer me a bike ride up the foot of the mountain. The hike was slightly treacherous and it certainly was not an easy hike, but the interactions with the local porters and my Vietnamese friends were invaluable to me.”

Jun Yang (2nd from left) summiting new heights with new friends

As he returned home after the one-month internship, Jun Yang was certain that he had accomplished what he set out to do - and gained even more than he had anticipated.

"Having experienced the transformative power of the AIP firsthand, I wholeheartedly recommend this endeavor to others. The profound impact on personal and professional growth is undeniable."

"Whether you're looking for an impactful foray in professional development or an immersive cultural experience, the AIP offers the ideal avenue to explore. The AIP opens wide the gates to cultural exposure and the windows to industry experience, ready for anyone eager to seize the opportunity."


Feel free to reach out to Investidea Tech, we are looking forward to more collaborations in the future!


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