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Investing Venture to Tech-Startup

Investing Venture to Tech-Startup

As a Tech-Partner, we accompany startups operating in the technology field, strongly promoting scientific and technological innovation in all industries and fields of socio-economic life. We invest and consult to support startups in operational management, and together with startups to grasp and be proactive in the face of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution as an inevitable trend.

Investidea and Investidea Ventures were initiated and founded by a team of leaders with over 10 years of professional experience in the field of technology investment, emphasizing technology product development as a key differentiator. Based on our long-standing resource base, we aim to help startups develop values and drive potential.

Investidea focuses on engaging with technology partners, providing startups with capital to develop products through technology, and mentoring investees. We give startup capital as well as consulting and assistance to entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their own startups.

We are very active in supporting, sponsoring, and investing activities for high-potential and high-growth startups, with a focus on innovative and creative products, technology updates, and encouraging new technology-oriented startups in a variety of fields, including entertainment, education, healthcare, and so on.

Our aim is to be the appropriate partner for technology startups, enabling them to achieve their full potential by creating the proper circumstances and having a beneficial influence. We make every effort to guarantee that our investments are technically and commercially proven, with the lowest risk of failure and the best development potential.